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Criminal traffic violations should not be taken lightly. At stake is nothing less than your reputation, along with your livelihood and your ability to support yourself and your family. A conviction can have serious consequences such as jail time and exorbitant fines, and long-term effects such as quadrupling your insurance rates for several years and having your license suspended or revoked. Retaining our Seattle criminal traffic defense attorney team at The Law Offices of Robert Flennaugh II, PLLC may well prove to be one of the best investments you could possibly make to insure your future well-being without the onus of a criminal record. We have successfully arranged for dismissals and removal of charges from our client’s records countless times over our twenty years of legal practice. We would be honored todo the same for you.
Whether your case is for a minor traffic violation such as speeding, a traffic light/stop sign violation or carry more serious allegations such as driving with a suspended/revoked license, DUI, or hit-and-run you can be confident that your case will be professionally handled by one of the most experienced Seattle traffic crime attorney teams in the State. If you are charged with any of the following most serious types of traffic offenses we at Flennaugh Law know exactly what needs be done to insure the best possible outcome in your case.

Criminal Offenses Which Involve Driving:

Regardless of the severity of your charges from a simple speeding ticket to a fatal hit-and-run accident our Seattle traffic crime attorney team will move to have your charges dismissed and/or reduced to free you from the burden of jail time, a permanent record, job related problems with a suspended license, high insurance rates and the tedious burden of having to attend traffic school. Call us now at The Law Offices of Robert Flennaugh II, PLLC. We will sit with you and analyze the unique facts of your case, bringing to bear over seventeen years of practical experience in such matters to provide you all of your legal options. We are as close as your phone at 1-866-373-0523. Stop the needless worrying and put your defense in the best hands possible.