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Drug crimes in Washington are considered to be a Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act, VUCSA. If you have been accused of any type of VUCSA crime, please speak with a Seattle drug crimes attorney from the Law Office of Robert Flennaugh II.

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VUSCA crimes can range from a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge to a felony charge of manufacturing methamphetamine. The penalties may be as minor as a 90 day jail sentence and a $1000 fine to life in prison and a $50,000 fine. There may be additional penalties as well. If you are found guilty of a drug crime while under the age of 21, you will also lose your license. Anyone convicted of a drug crime will also be exempted from receiving federal financial aid for college. Lastly, if you are convicted of a felony drug crime, your record will follow you throughout life and make it difficult for you to receive gainful employment, quality housing or acceptance into a quality college. It is of the utmost importance that anyone accused of a drug crime contact a top Seattle criminal lawyer.

Alternatives to Prison Sentences

Fortunately, our state offers drug offenders with a number of alternative sentencing options, including a specialized Drug Court and the Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative, DOSA. With DOSA, you may receive drug treatment options rather than extensive prison terms, but you can only receive this option with the help of a Seattle criminal attorney in the know about the program.

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Our crime defense in Seattle has experience fighting all number of criminal drug charges including:

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