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If you have been accused of willfully destructing property, whether through means of graffiti, vandalism or other method, you will be facing charges of malicious mischief. It doesn’t matter if the crime is perpetrated by an angry ex-lover who breaks his girlfriend’s window or if it was a teenager spray painting her name on the wall, the crime is still the same. If you have been accused of malicious mischief, please call a Seattle criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Fraud charges are very serious and should be handled by an experienced criminal defense attorney

Any time someone has intentionally destroyed the property of someone else, they have committed this crime. Fortunately, if your Seattle criminal attorney can help you prove that the damage was done on accident, you might be able to have the charges dropped. For example, if someone tripped and fell and broke a window on their way to the ground, they cannot be charged with the crime. In situations where the matter involves a romantic relationship gone sour, you also may be able to show that the destroyed property was actually yours and not your significant other’s.

Our Criminal Attorney Can Help You Avoid Severe Consequences

The punishment for these crimes will be based entirely on the cost of the damage. If you broke a priceless antique vase, you will be facing much more strict penalties than if you wrote something in marker on a bus. If the value of the damage is anywhere near a dividing line for sentencing, your Seattle criminal lawyer will always argue for the charges to be dropped to the lesser offense. In some cases, this will reduce a ten-year sentence for first-degree criminal mischief to a five-year sentence for a second-degree offense. If the value was under $250, you will only be charged with a misdemeanor offense, which means you will face much less serious penalties.

Our Seattle Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Assist You In Legal Representation

If you have been charged with malicious mischief, we can help. Please call The Law Office of Robert Flennaugh II today to speak with a top Seattle criminal attorney.