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If you have engaged in any sort of misconduct that could have been deceptive, whether intentional or not, you can be charged with a fraud crime.  It doesn’t matter if the crime is perpetrated by a group of scammers or a single person bouncing a check; fraud crimes are always handled very seriously in court. If you have been accused of a fraud crime, please call a Seattle criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

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Fraud is a vast criminal category.  But our Seattle criminal attorney can handle any type of fraud case including:

The sentencing for such crimes is heavily dependent on the type of crime involved.  A case of a CEO embezzling funds that involves multiple victims will be treated more seriously than a few bounced checks.  But regardless of the type of charge you are facing, it is in your best interest to appoint a Seattle criminal lawyer to your case.

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Our goal in such cases is always to convince the prosecutor not to file charges.  If the Government does indeed file a charge against you, our next goal is to get the case dismissed, regardless of if the charge is a felony or misdemeanor.  We hire the best forensic experts to pick the Government's case apart.

If you have been charged with a fraud crime, we can help. Please call The Law Office of Robert Flennaugh II, PLLC today to speak with a top Seattle criminal attorney.