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Let a Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney Steer Your Felony DUI Case

You more than likely did not intentionally set out that day or night with the idea of drinking and driving.

What ended up happening, however, has quite possibly changed your life for many years to come, not mentioning the life or lives of those you injured or even worse.

When facing a felony DUI charge and possible conviction, reaching out to a Seattle criminal defense attorney becomes a necessity, not a choice.

In turning to a criminal defense attorney in Seattle, you improve the chances of having a fighting chance in court.

Know the Potential Consequences When Facing a Felony DUI

Keep in mind that even one felony DUI (Class C) conviction can result in the following:

In recent years, Washington State legislators have been doing all they can to toughen the laws regarding felony DUI in the state.

With that in mind, having a criminal defense attorney to fight your legal battle is crucial, especially given all the personal and professional ramifications that can come from a conviction.

Share with your criminal defense attorney all the details involving your DUI stop and arrest, including:

With all you potentially have to lose with a felony DUI, make sure you have the right legal counsel in the driver’s seat.