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Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Washington

Since it is so easy to file a domestic violence complaint, it has been become a big problem. Preventing a prosecution once a complaint has been filed is nearly impossible. Often times all it takes is a phone call to 911 and an innocent person can be accused of this crime.

Seattle criminal attorney Robert Flennaugh has the experience necessary to defend this type of charge.

Because there are so many domestic violence charges, the state has committed the resources to deal with them. Once the police arrive on the scene of a domestic violence call, a claim for spousal abuse and battery are easy to make. Many times an arrest is made and bail is denied.

Just because your significant other changes their testimony, don’t believe you will get away from this. This happens often and the prosecuting attorney will continue to charge ahead despite the victim denying that it happened. The victim is only a witness and can be required to appear in court. What happens to the case is left up to the prosecution. A ruling by the United States Supreme Court allows the 911 call made by the accuser to be used as evidence.

Your Seattle Criminal Lawyer Will Defend Your Rights

A conviction for a domestic violence charge carries serious penalties. It can lead to a loss of many of your rights. Your future depends on hiring the right criminal attorney. Robert Flennaugh, II will diligently defend your rights and work for a favorable outcome. Contact us today for an initial consultation.