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FAQ for Crimnal Defense

Q: Do I need a lawyer?

A: If you are arrested, charged with a felony or misdemeanor, or you are being accused of committing a crime, you probably will need the help of a lawyer.

If you feel that maybe your situation doesn’t require a lawyer’s help, why not consult first with a lawyer. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you determine what actions to take in your situation.

Q: How quickly should I consult a lawyer?

A: In many situations, you need to act fast. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the more time the lawyer will have to investigate your case. If you sit on your rights, you could lose them

Consult with a lawyer early, before your situation gets worse. The outcome of your case can be determined by your quick response.

Q: What if I am innocent of the charges brought against me?

A: The fact that you are innocent does not guarantee that you will not be charged. Innocent people are sometimes found guilty due to prosecutor’s mistakes. Having an experienced defense attorney by your side can make a difference.

A skilled criminal defense lawyer can analyze your case, build a strong defense and provide enough evidence to prove your innocence Otherwise, you run the risk by representing yourself.

Q: Do I need a lawyer if my case is still under investigation and no charges have been filed against me?

A: Yes, it is important to have effective legal representation while your case is still under police investigation. Even if no charges have yet been filed, you can run the risk of being wrongfully charged.

Don’t assume that the police will fairly decide whether you should be charged or not. Police and prosecutors do not always look out for your best interests and, in many cases, often make mistakes.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can investigate and gather all evidence to persuade the police or prosecutors before charges are filed. It is much easier to convince prosecutors not to file charges in the first place than try to have the charges dismissed.

Q: What can my lawyer do if the charges have already been filed?

A: An experienced criminal attorney will evaluate the evidence and determine if he can persuade the prosecutors to dismiss the charges. If your attorney can’t obtain a dismissal of charges, he then will determine if it’s in your best interests to go to trial or obtain a negotiated plea bargain.

Q: What if I just want to plead guilty?

A: If you wish to accept responsibility and plead guilty, an experienced defense attorney can help ensure that you are treated fairly and reasonably in court.

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