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We live in a new age where essentially everyone owns a computer or a digital device with at least some form of internet access.  This has drastically increased the amount of computer crimes committed here in our state.

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Computer crimes can vary in scope and severity, but they sometimes are prosecuted as felony, state, and even federal crimes.  If you are facing criminal charges in Seattle for a computer crime, you need to quickly consider your options for appointing a Seattle criminal attorney to your case. Though you are likely overwhelmed by your case, what you need to do now is contact our office today to speak with a Seattle criminal lawyer from our firm immediately.

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Here at The Law Office of Robert Flennaugh II, PLLC we represent clients facing all types of charges for computer crimes, including:

A Seattle criminal attorney from our firm can ensure that your defense is top-notch. Our firm is unique in that we have extensive experience both on the side of legal defense and prosecution. Because of this experience, we are able to provide our clients an unparalleled understanding of the case against them and to find the weakness in the prosecution’s case.

Our Defense Lawyer Has Extensive Trial Experience

We will fight for you. Our goal is to prevent charges from being filed or for your case to be dismissed. Nevertheless, we have extensive trial experience and are not afraid to take your case into court.

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