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Criminal Lawyer Matthew Lapin

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Matthew Lapin has been with the firm since 2009. He represents clients accused of misdemeanor and serious felony offenses in the Washington State court systems. Mr. Lapin is an experienced trial attorney with a distinguished record as a former Senior Deputy King County Prosecutor. As such, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about how the prosecution puts their case together and is able to use his past experience to find the weaknesses in the case against his clients. Since joining the Law Office of Robert Flennaugh, he has obtained numerous favorable results including multiple dismissals after convincing the prosecution that they could not prevail at trial.

Mr. Lapin graduated from the University of Miami School of Law cum laude in 1995 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History from Princeton University in New Jersey. Prior to joining the firm, he served for 12 years as a highly successful prosecuting attorney with the King County Prosecutor’s Office. While a Senior Deputy Prosecutor, Mr. Lapin was chosen to be Chair and Senior Trial Supervisor of the Trial Teams Unit. In that capacity, he supervised all aspects of case development, negotiations and trials of violent and non-violent felonies. He trained King County trial attorneys in the development of trial strategies and the handling of motions hearings and evidentiary issues. In 2004, after a Supreme Court decision reversed murder convictions in over 100 cases, some dating back 20-30 years, he was one of 6 prosecutors chosen to handle the re-prosecution of those cases.

Since becoming a defense attorney, Mr. Lapin has handled cases involving assault, arson, drug offenses, sex offenses and domestic violence from arraignment, through pre-trial motions and trial. He has obtained outstanding results and fights hard for each and every client.

A sample of results since joining the Law Office of Robert Flennaugh II, PLLC

Charges Dismissed. Arson in the First Degree. Client was charged along with her boyfriend of intentionally setting fire to their apartment to obtain funds from an insurance policy. After extensive investigation concerning a key witness, interviews of the State’s expert and getting the client’s case severed from the co-defendant, the State dismissed the case.

Charges dismissed after trial. Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in the Second Degree. Client charged after being arrested coming out of a building which contained multiple firearms, many in plain sight. At trial, prosecution called two witnesses who testified one of the guns belonged to the client. Jury unable to reach a verdict with a majority of jurors finding in favor of the client. The State decided against re-trial and the charges were dismissed. Client would have been deported if convicted.

Substantial Reduction in Charges. Rape in the Second Degree reduced to misdemeanor Assault. Client charged with having non-consensual intercourse with intoxicated woman. After extensive investigation and witness interviews, I was able to convince the prosecution that the alleged victim had serious memory issues due to her alcohol and drug consumption and that they would have great difficulty establishing that the sexual activity was anything other than consensual. The resolution of this case saved the client from a lengthy prison sentence and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

Charges dismissed. Felony Harassment-Domestic Violence. Client charged with threatening to kill his wife on numerous occasions. I was able to show the prosecutor that the complaining witness was not credible and that numerous witnesses would make her story not believable. The case was dismissed.

Charges dismissed. Harassment-Domestic Violence. Client charged with threatening his wife on two occasions. After obtaining emails and other background information about the complaining witness, I was able to convince the prosecutor that the alleged victim was not credible and had a motive to make these false accusations. The case was dismissed pre-trial.

Charges dismissed. Assault in the Fourth Degree-Domestic Violence. Client accused of punching his girlfriend multiple times in the face. After conducting extensive investigation, including interviewing the alleged victim’s co-workers and obtaining cell phone records, I was able to convince the prosecutor the allege victim was not credible. The case was dismissed pre-trial.